The Association of Friends of India Basel (AFIB) was founded nearly 40 years ago in the early sixties by a group of Swiss and Indian nationals living in and around Basel.

Its main objective is to promote communication and goodwill between the two nationalities. It gives both cultures an opportunity to learn about each other’s way of life and it especially supports Indian residents in Switzerland to better integrate into their newly found surroundings.

A General Assembly made up of Association members meets once a year to review the past events and budgetary matters. It decides on policies and elects an Executive Committee to coordinate the organisation of the up and coming events for the following year. They are responsible for communicating the activities of the Association to the members and their families.

The Association provides activities to encourage, particularly the newcomers, to participate in social events such as concerts, dance, outings and picnics. It also contributes to certain charities by holding fund raising functions. What is also celebrated are important festivals which include: Holi Diwali, Christmas, Republic Day and Independence Day.

Any person above 18 years of age who shares the objectives and interests of the Association is eligible to become a member by paying an annual membership fee, as decided annually at the General Assembly of the members.

The Association also works in close cooperation with the Indian Associations of the other regions of Switzerland which include Zurich, Bern, Baden, and Geneva.


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